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Is it wedding day already for Reverend Lucy Natasha?

You know reports have been made for the past few weeks about how Reverend Lucy Natasha has found the love of her life. We all know that, this was a long awaited revelation. People wanted to know, where is she standing? People wanted to know whether she believes in marriage or not? People wanted to know whether there is still going to be someone that is going to steal her heart or not?

People thought she is done with men as we read about some stories of men breaking her heart, and she told herself that this time she would want to wait for God. Wait for God to give her a man that is designed for her, a man that she desires, a man that have what she wants, a man that fears God. Let's hope it's God who has done this, we pray that this maybe the right man for her. I'm saying this considering their status in life, people with such kind of status, we know that their marriages most of the times, they are not pleasant, and they don't last.

They can only last if it was God who has been involved from the beginning. It is easy for most of these women and men of God to get married. They can invite a guest speaker just like in her case, and they can get closer to know each other, before you know it they are in a relationship. They can also spot men and women inside the church that have the potential to be wife material or husband material, then they can get closer to them using their position.

It is very easy for them to be led astray by themselves because opportunities are many than to wait for God. At times they may think that God was in it from the beginning, only to realize that they were guided by their on sight, not by the spirit of God. We pray and hope that this time the woman of God is going to be happy. Let it be God that made the two of them to be in a relationship, nothing else, but love and God, otherwise it will all end in tears.

Anyway, congratulations to the woman of God.

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