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"I Knowingly Slept With a Married Man, This Is What He Did To me" Woman Says Crying For Help

Anonymous lady going by the name Daisy has finally opened up about an incident that she claims has put her in an untenable predicament after the man she thought she was going to have a long-term relationship with abandoned her and returned home to his wife.

According to the woman, she began dating the man because he was always there for her, and she promised him that she would always do these things to him out of love for him, which she did. She claims to be the author of the book.

According to her, "I grew to love him more, and I consented to dating him because he was always there for my family." He was there for her at all times, and she enjoyed his presence.

His wife returned to Mexico after falling pregnant for him on two separate occasions, abandoning her husband and children. Daisy asserts that she is now living on her own, and that the man seems unconcerned about the fact that they are currently fighting to make ends meet, despite the fact that he is wealthy.

Several Kenyans have resorted to social media as a result of this incidence to express their displeasure and make suggestions to the government, encouraging it to investigate cases like this one in order to protect women who are routinely abandoned by their partners.

Many Kenyans are dissatisfied with the government, according to reports, since it has not done more to assist single moms who are routinely abandoned by their partners, forcing them to raise their children on their own.

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