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The confrontation between a mother and a man who had sex with both of her daughters ended in tears.

When a mother found out that both of her daughters were dating the same guy, it was the reality of her darkest dread. This made the mother feel sick to her stomach, she said.

When the mother realized that both of her daughters were having sex with the same man, she decided to approach the man herself and take matters into her own hands. She was shocked to learn that both of her daughters were seeing the same man.

Finally, the disagreement lived up to the headline's expectations by turning out to be a lot more heated than expected.

It has been claimed that the Zimbabwean man at the center of the dispute is a preacher who operates on his own accord.

After learning that he had been sleeping with both of her daughters — Shylet (20) and Tatenda (18) — the mother known as Lebani Ncube (also known as Mbana) decided to strike Pastor Sixpence. Tatenda is 18 years old, and Shylet is 20 years old. Additionally, she said she made this decision after learning that Pastor Sixpence had been having an affair with both of her daughters.

According to the woman, she believes that the man should be taught a lesson and taught not to meddle with the relationships of other people's daughters, and that someone should educate him about this. In addition, she called for the individual to be punished for his behavior.

Both of the sisters consented to marry pastor Sixpence after he proposed to them romantically. Pastor Sixpence proposed to both of the sisters. Furthermore, it is reported that they both agreed to accept his proposal to marry him.

After the conflict between her two daughters was brought to her attention, the mother was made aware of it. That the sisters' differences of opinion stemmed from their close relationships with the same man was something the mother quickly grasped. Their mother was made aware of the fight between the two sisters.

He had rented a room from her, so she went to it and beat him to a pulp in there. She then walked out of the room.


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