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How to know if your relationship is strong.

A relationship is a partnership of two based on a mutual liking and understanding of one another.

A relationship can also be defined as a friendship built from a lot of chemistry with the exceptation of an infinite connection.

A relationship's s solidness can be tested through how much both parties are willing to sacrifice and put forward inorder for the relationship to stand the test of time.

Here is how you find out how strong your relationship is :

3. Chemistry.

That connection between the two has to be deep . 

Chemistry is the most important factor to a solid relationship . Without chemistry there is no spark and it's difficult to build a relationship without chemistry .

How do you generate chemistry between for a relationship to start?

Well , mutual understanding and respect is what generates chemistry for a strong relationship.

2. Lack of akwardness.

When you feel very much comfortable around a person , it's very much easier for you to open up to them . 

When you can be yourself around a person , that person is a keeper!

A relationship where is no akwardness is in my books a very solid relationship because that's what shows how comfortable the two parties in that relationship are with each other. A relationship with no akwardness is a fun filled relationship and very playful keeping things interesting.

Remember chemistry makes a relationship fluid and spontaneous making it easier to let the other person into our hearts.

1. Honesty and authenticity.

Honesty brings by trust and trust is is very much important in a relationship for it gives a relationship the foundation it needs to grow. Without trust there is no love. The truth let us see a person for who they really are and if we are able to tolerate and accept someone for who and what they are , then that relationship is legit. At the end of the day we all deserve to be loved for who we truly are in and out.

Our true form which is ourselves is the best we can offer to the other and that way we allow the power of love to take over . It's easier to love a person when they are being themselves.

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