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Check The Reason Why Zimbabwean Men Prefer To Date South African Women, According To My Opinion

Below, my Opinion News Hub's creator explains why Zimbabwean males choose to date South African women.

Reasons Why Men in Zimbabwe Prefer Dating South African Ladies

The males of Zimbabwe have spoken out about their preferential treatment of South African women over their own countrywomen.

This came after women in Zimbabwe complained on a popular Zimbabwean-based virtual reality show that South African women who date Zimbabwean men expect to be treated better.

Clients of online entertainment services who tweeted about this topic are shown below.

The Twitter account of @nia ngi published,

Zim males, I feel, have a different kind of love for SA women, no, because when SA huns obtain a Zim boyfriend? Just the right complements for each other."

In an effort to understand why they find it easier to date South African women, Zimbabwean men responded in droves to the article.

Some of the responses were extensively studied, pondered, and understood.

Written down by @thabanimnyama,

What the hell, let me just put it out there. This woman is right; please hear me out before you try to argue with me.

Take note of how successful relationships are between Zim men and South African huns, and between Zim women and Nigerian men. When men from Zimbabwe go on dates with young women, the men often feel underappreciated since no matter how hard they try, most (but not all) Zim huns would complain the whole time, making them feel like they aren't really trying.

"Zim huns generally adore cash, therefore they end up with Naija type guys because those people love sprinkling and the extravagant lifestyle.

When a young woman is being harmed left, right, and center, it's easier for two people to get along and stay together.

The standard that would keep a Zim hun happy is therefore not met when a Tinashe tries to date the same young girl but fails to do so since he has not exactly succeeded in everyday life and does not experience financial issues like Ikweku from Lagos.

That's why most insults hurled towards Zim people by Zim huns consist of phrases such, "you're impoverished, you're closefisted, you don't for even a moment get me anything nor take me to favor places."

When a man from Zimbabwe travels to South Africa, it's because life is so difficult at home that he needs to make money fast. When he encounters a South African hun, abo Palesa and all, the huns are used to dealing with abo Themba, who doesn't sell (kunyengerera) all that much, thus the huns feel devalued by the SA Kings (again not ALL).

Which is why, when Tina

Palesa is stunned when she meets a man who goes out of his way to treat her well, buys her flowers and chocolates, and asks her on multiple dates because he is respectful of the fact that she usually has to fight to acquire these things in her community. Zim gentlemen develop into significantly superior sweethearts than their counterparts elsewhere because, in a culture where they are highly esteemed, they consistently go above and above what is expected of them.

But in the relationship between Tinashe and Chipo, there is constant dispute, allegations, corrupting tone, and remarks because Chipo doesn't have a deep wallet and acts like less of a man because of it.

Mind you, Chipo won't have much of anything besides the hairpiece she got from a friend who went to the diaspora or something, and yet she has the nerve to claim that Tinashe is poor, despite the fact that she provides no monetary support for the relationship beyond yansh and the like.

So the lesson here is, if you can't find a Zim person to resolve to, try someone from a different culture/ethnic group/race or anything, or just have lots of money, since that usually takes out over some of the fights Zim people and young females often have.

Since abo Palesa know how to likewise promote their guys up, Zim people will always be more cherished by SA huns and respond to that better than with Zim huns. Have you ever gotten up to the tune of "Great morning baba (dad)/Good morning Mhofu" with your girlfriend singing your group acclaims? Any good Zim hun will tell you that it should be worn backwards so that it doesn't creas. Thus, by the end of the day, whatever will be, will be.

Money manager Kudzai Mushonga of Zimbabwe and her accomplice, Khanyi Mbau

Many men in Zimbabwe shared this opinion and actively helped promote it.

As @runyararomhere explained,

Moreover, South African women tend to be quite self-reliant and rarely seek assistance from others. The Zimbabwean dictum that "a man should slave for her" is widely held. Men in South Africa can shake up a woman at 2 a.m. and she won't bat an eye, but in Zimbabwe it's widely believed that men only do so in order to cheat on their partners.

subsequently Kolobe.

Then there are cultural aspects that a Zimbabwean marrying a Zimbabwean would not find luxurious. At some point, a white or 9ja person will try to sleep in Ambuya's bed; if you do it as a Zimbo, you'll get endorsed. To put it bluntly, we tend to be strict with our own and lenient with visitors. Only visitors to a place see the generalizations crumble.

As @TrainedFollower also pointed out,

A gold-plated string. Having a sweetie is a liability in the eyes of Zim huns, therefore they want to be reimbursed for everything from broadcast appointments to transportation costs to lunch expenses and more. Since most of them are impatient, they are not impressed by flowers.

Zimbabwean men, meanwhile, appear to perceive South African women to be more approachable and lovable. They claimed that males in Zimbabwe did more of the effort in dealing with visitors.

The Twitter user @miss g recently commented,

We are all aware of the fact that men from Zimbabwe tend to bestow an enhanced attractiveness on women who are not of their own race. It wouldn't bother them to be a "provider" for women who aren't from the Zim community.

As @diana panashe elaborated,

"This is the most insightful thing I've heard in a while, however I still find it odd that Tinashe will do good things for Palesa unjustly but not so much for Chipo, but I hear you.

If you're a Zimbabwean and you want to date or marry a South African woman, I don't see why you shouldn't. Some of the aforementioned tweets served as encouragements that you may marry or date anyone in the world.


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