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Here are some of the reasons why you probably single

Being single is never an ideal situation for some people, as some people are single by choice and some other are single because they find it hard to find a suitable soulmate for them.

Below are some of the reasons why people are single:

Still holding on to the past

Some people are still single because they are afraid to be in a relationship, as they had a bad experience from their previous relationship.

These are those kind of people which are afraid to open up to other people, as the fear that the same thing that happened in their previous relationship may happen again.

Single by choice 

Some people are still single because they enjoy the single life. Being single does not seem to bother them, as they may see that being single is stress free.

These kind of people are those ones who at some points are still focused on themselves.

Still waiting for a soulmate 

Some are still single because they feel as if they have not found their soulmate yet.

Finding someone you can call your soulmate is obviously one of the wonderful feeling that you may feel, as you may say or feel as if that particular person was meant for you. 

Don't have time to be in a relationship

Some people may be single because they are too busy to be in a relationship, as relationships require too much time and effort to put in.

These are the kind of people who are probably to focused on their career and don't find time to search for a partner.

However there are still to many reasons why people are single as every single person may have his/her own reasons why they are single.

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