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3 Things You Should Never Allow A Woman Do To You

Love is a beautiful thing, but it's better when you find the right person to love. Those who have experienced it will believe me. But those who haven't, won't. Actually, you can't blame them. Love can be very cruel sometimes.

Especially when you do your best, invest a lot of time, resources and sacrifices just to please someone, only for it to go to waste. Maybe some things are not meant to be.

Having a girl who acknowledges and appreciates all of your efforts is not only healthy for your relationship, but also for your mental state. I know how hard it is to accept the obvious sometimes, but then you have to.

If you believe that you can always make a girl love you by spending everything and doing everything, it will only give you fake love. Other times, it will put you in a more difficult situation and make people take you for granted. So if you're after a girl, here are three things you should never allow.

1. Never allow a girl take you for granted.

Don't let any girl take you for granted. Be tactful and calm, but that doesn't mean you have to give into all forms of disrespect. Do good by abstaining from all forms of dishonor. Respect is based on reciprocity. When you respect someone, it's normal for them to respect you. And if for some reason they think you don't deserve it, let them go.

2. Make you a second choice.

You have no reason to be with someone who thinks you're not good enough. Holding onto girls like that would only cause heart break. The problem with this type of heartbreak is that only you will feel it. Don't let anyone make you a second choice because no matter how weak or small you are, you are someone's choice. Don't be afraid to pull the curtain back if you're being harassed.

3. Don't let girls take advantage of you.

As much as you love a girl, never let your guard down. Never allow yourself to be used to satisfy someone's selfish interests or desires. Be smart and considerate because you can never really know what's on someone's mind.

Just like they don't know what's inside you. Only you know your thoughts. As humans, it's hard to trust. Trust isn't bad, but trusting the wrong people can be disastrous.

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