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Why Does Telling a Man You’re Not Interested solely Build Him Want You More?

Guys are kind of weird. This doesn’t follow to any or all of them let’s keep the #now not all guys for a few different times – but several men out there merely pass wild for you once you say you’re currently no longer interested.   As quickly as you are saying that you don’t need to exit with them, they dead confirm you’re the feminine in their goals which they simply ought to have you. Why is that?

1.   SOME MEN CAN’T FATHOM the concept that ladies AREN’T inquisitive about THEM.

You’ve met this {sort} of men — all folks have. A man like this believes he’s a gift to ladies, but he’s so smitten with himself that there isn’t exactly space for a few different characters inside the relationship.   Telling him you’re currently not inquisitive about him makes him doubt himself, his charm, his appeal, and also the manner he views himself. He merely can’t have that.

2.   YOUR LACK OF INTEREST causes you to ought to have A CHASE.

Guys love a chase, right? Hey, women do too — there’s this type of thrill there that will sense nice sometimes. However, no, your loss of hobby will currently not recommend you wish for a fashion plate to chase you. a person may think otherwise, but he’s incorrect then is every completely different guy besides his viewpoint. This type of behaviour makes him a stalker, now no longer a capable boyfriend.


The most convenient component guys love is larger than a chase may be a mission. It’s one reason why ignoring monstrously behaved guys doesn’t sometimes work. Sometimes, you wish to shut down that crap sooner than it even starts. Indifference isn’t a sign that feminine is solely gambling on very little come-hither games. Ladies, you’re currently not causing alloyed signals. These bros simply organise them in that manner.

4. DUDES suppose YOU’RE enjoying exhaustion TO GET… EXCEPT YOU’RE NOT PLAYING.

You don’t need everyone to “get” you. You’re now no longer interested. However, positive men believe that your “no” is simply another game. You’re flirting, gambling robustly to get, and everyone he needs to do is pursue you a chunk larger persistently, he’s glad of it. Doesn’t that seek you out?


See, your mindset is exclusively spherical people, in general, you’re currently not interested in romantically. Though you’re confident, you seemingly get barely awkward or giggle or some factor every time you’re around someone who tickles your pickle. It’s exclusive with men you’re now no longer into, but they don’t see it that manner. Men see your easygoing poise and absence of challenge over what they suppose and that they like, so they keep trying to snag you. 

6. Sure MEN understand an absence OF INTEREST AS an absence OF INTEREST IN COMMITMENT.

That is, some men still want you more than the fact they suppose that, even though you’re currently not interested in them, you’ll hook up with them anyway.   They believe there’s a threat for a casual, no-strings-connected style of an element, and damned if they’re now no longer going to take that threat.

6. SOME DUDES continually wish WHAT THEY CAN’T HAVE.

Ain’t that the style it goes? The truth is that, with those precise guys, they seemingly won’t need you any longer after they have you. It’s simply the type. They lose interest easily — as quickly as a result of the mission is over. They pursue you thanks to the fact you’re currently not only available. It doesn’t rely on if you’re single, dating, married, committed, or gay. They’ll keep trying.


That’s it. They merely can’t stand taking note of the word “no” in reaction to their desires. I don’t suppose I’m off the mark in urging you to stay removed from guys like this at any cost. It’s currently not sometimes possible, but if there’s even barely that you’re dealing with a person like this, escape as a way in and as fast as you can.

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