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Divorce Affair

6 Reasons Why Polyamory (Many Husbands Or Wifes)Could Be Right for You Shared By Researchers

Polyamory is a way of life in which one person can love multiple partners at the same time while remaining committed, honest, passionate, and romantic. Talking and setting boundaries are important foundations in these partnerships since they bring the couples closer together.

There isn't just one way to make love. Each of us produces our own variation by varying the amount of sugar and spice. That is why we chose to learn more about polyamorous relationships and the benefits they provide.

People are polyamorous by nature.

Our forefathers were polygamists, but monogamy eventually took over. According to statistics, only a small percentage of people are truly monogamous because many people divorce and remarry, which is known as serial monogamy. According to statistics, infidelity is the cause of roughly 53% of divorces in the United States.

Polyamorous relationships are honest and transparent.

Many individuals confuse polyamory for adultery, yet polyamorous families never go against their partners' wishes. Partners in this type of relationship don't hide their previous connections or emotions. They don't feel terrible about talking openly about the other partners they're seeing, and they don't feel bad about expressing affection to other people.

Different partners can satisfy different needs.

In monogamous relationships, one partner may struggle to convey his or her sentiments and emotions toward the other. In these situations, the unsatisfied partner becomes enraged and upset, and attempts to alter the partner.

This issue may not even arise in polyamorous relationships, as the spouse who requires deeper emotional closeness can choose another partner to fill the hole.

Boredom won’t be one of the causes of the end of your relationship.

Boredom is a major factor in the breakdown of many marriages. Polyamorous relationships, on the other hand, offer variation, which keeps partners from drowning in the daily grind. If one partner is peaceful and prefers to spend more time at home, the other can be the polar opposite and satisfy your adventurous side.

People practicing polyamory are less prone to jealousy.

Jealousy is common among polyamorous partners, especially in the early stages of their relationships. They do, however, openly discuss their sentiments and emotions with their spouse, which aids them in overcoming and dealing with this phobia.

Each relationship can bring something different to the table.

Beth Wallace has embraced polyamory, revealing that she is dating three men, each of whom offers something unique: “We had a lot of fun with one of my boyfriends. He was younger than me, and we had a good time together, doing exciting activities and laughing a lot. We'd have serious chats about life with the second guy, who was older. He brought out the philosophical side of my personality in me. The other guy was an artist, and he inspired me to be more creative."

How do you feel about polyamorous relationships? Have you ever thought about joining one?


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