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"Why do uneducated couples' marriages last longer than educated couples'?" Mzansi respond

All of these people believe they are well-versed on the subject. I went to see my girlfriend last week at 10 p.m., and she turned me away, stating I was too late and I was inebriated. I felt terrible. I'm not sure if it's inappropriate to head directly to your girlfriend after hanging out with buddies.

Dude I understand how you feel because it occurred to me with two separate girls. And I wasn't even intoxicated; they'll just say, "If you've had drink, I don't want to see you." But he's an ex, and we've moved on. I MISS MY WOMAN BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL.

Educated people do not beg because they are educated and self-sufficient (not that illiterate people are not self-sufficient, but they are aware of the effort). Their affection isn't based on their intelligence or pay.

It's because Educated people know their rights too much,they love money not their man.


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