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Vitiligo Man Says He Wants To Settle Down, Declares He Is Tired Of Being Single, Loneliness

A young and handsome man who is suffering from the skin condition known as vitiligo said that he is tired of being single, revealing that he want to settle down. He revealed that he is tired of crying every day and night, every year, believing that someone's daughter will still love him the way he is. Sharing his plight via his Twitter handle, the young man wrote, “I know one day someone's daughter will locate me

tired of being single 😭😭😭

Crying all day and night

Every year”. Despite his physical look been trained by vitiligo, one can easily see that he is a handsome man, well-built and with and amazing look. As we know, Vitiligo is a disease that causes the skin's Colours to change. However, it is not a communicable disease, which means that the man can successfully find the love of his life. Vitiligo is not very common, and it varies from one person to another. 

Many people who have vitiligo have successfully settled down after meeting the love of their lives. A vitiligo lady who posted her pictures on Twitter recently, saying that she want to settle down, revealed that she got countless messages from people. However, she revealed that some people want to just have fun with her and see how she looks like down there, nevertheless, she was able to find a good, caring and sincere man, whom she said was God's sent, very understanding, supportive and loving. They are happily married, and they shared their wonderful and amazing stories on social media. Hopefully, this young man will meet the love of his life and settle down because everyone deserves love. Love is a beautiful gift, and it covers all imperfections. Loneliness is not an option, we wish him a fruitful search. He also said, “I'm tired of being single 

Someone's daughter with good heart, that know what Love is, 

I can't bear this any more”. 

What is your advice for Chidi? 


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