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"I've Been Doing It With a 32-Year Old House Help For 8 Months, 3 Times A Week" 13-Year Boy Tells

According to a K24 news story on their Twitter account, a stunning event occurred at Milimani Law courts when a 13-year-old kid admitted to having willingly slept with their househelp three times a week for eight months. It was he who stated,

“No. After we did it for the first time, I had the need to do it and so I removed my trousers to be able to do it without being pushed. It was she who told me it was our secret and that I should not tell anybody about it; hence, I never informed my parents, with the exception of the time I was found browsing p*rnography on my sister's phone."

What are your thoughts? Is it appropriate for a woman to have sexual relations with a minor? When it comes to protecting their children from harm, what should parents do? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please consider like and sharing the post with others, and don't forget to leave your views and opinions in the comment area as well.

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