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Are You in a Toxic Relationship? - How to Know if Your Relationship is Toxic

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Are your eyes never dry because of relationship problems? Do you think that your partner is being toxic or that both of you are toxic for each other? Well you're about to find out what could be toxic.

In this article I unfold and unpack what really a toxic relationship is.

Sometimes when we talk about marital problems and relationship problems we tend to overlook the fact that women are not always victims, sometimes they also are the attacker. So whether you are a man or woman, if your partner does all or some of the following things they may be toxic.

So what is a toxic relationship in definition?

If you browse through the internet and look for the definition of a toxic relationship I'm sure you are going to get an uncountable number of them. But in this article I let you know what I think a toxic relationship is.

In my opinion a toxic relationship is an abusive relationship. A toxic relationship may either be physically abusive, emotionally abusive or even mentally abusive.

Abuse is toxic because it's harmful for you. The reason I explain a toxic relationship using the three forms of abuse is that I don't want you to mix up normal relationship challenges and misunderstand it for a toxic relationship.

Your partner can still be toxic and abusive even if they don't lay their hands on you. There are things they can do that may attack you emotionally. There are words they can say that may attack you mentally, whether they do it intentionally or not.

A toxic partner also means that if your partner said or did something that you found very attacking (for either your emotional, physical or mental health) when you try to let them know how bad their actions or words affected you, instead of trying to understand and apologize, a toxic partner will still go straight in and make it look or sound like you are being pathetic. A toxic partner just never give them selve a time to get to understand your feelings and thoughts, they have a pre made up mind that you are nagging, you are a cry baby, you are pathetic, you are petty, you are weak and...

A toxic relationship will leave you feeling like you are becoming a psychopath because everything you say to your partner doesn't make sense to them it only makes sense to you. It leaves you not knowing what to do or say anymore because whatever you try is just not enough to make your partner change their ways.

It steals your joy, your peace, your peace of mind, your mental health, your smile and many more. It turns you into an emotional wreck.

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If you can relate to all or some of the information shared above about a toxic relationship and it is currently what you are facing then you know you are in a toxic relationship. I don't have to point out certain actions that if your partner do it will mean you are in a toxic relationship. I focus on you and how you feel about your partner's actions that are known to you.

In conclusion I'm not going to ask you to leave your toxic relationship or partner because if you are still there it probably means you are not ready to leave and that you still love your partner but I'm going to ask you to be careful not to lose yourself while you are at it.

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