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Mother that gave birth to 44 children

A 39 year ol woman gave birth to 44 children she lost 6 ,which makes 38 children under one roof.

Mariam Nabatanzi her life hasn't been easy, when she was 13 years old her parents sold her to a man who was 27 years older.

She didn't know it until they left her at the man's house ,they called it marriage .

Her husband had many children from his past relationships and had to take care of them because their mothers were scattered all over.

A year after her marriage she had her first babies twins ,the next year triplets, another year quadruplets .

When Mariam had 23 children she decided she had enough and told doctors they should do a procedure ,so she wouldn't have children.

Doctors couldn't help cause she had high ovary count that may put her life in danger .

Mariam gave birth to a total of 44 children and lost 6 ,she has no regrets and said having kids is a blessing from God .

The only problem she has is her husband was never there to help her raise the kids ,he would often dissapear for months or even years .He only gives them names over the phone .

She supports the children by doing small jobs to bring food on the table .

Mariam want her kids to go to school because all of them are ambitious .she wants them to achieve and love all her children .

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Mariam Nabatanzi


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