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2 Good Signs Of A Controlling Girlfriend/Boyfriend

2 Good Signs Of A Controlling Girlfriend/Boyfriend

1. They're envious

Everyone believes a little jealousy is attractive, but if your partner is always jealous, accusing you of cheating on them and flirting with anybody you speak with, this is dominating behavior. Your partner may also use jealousy as a pretext to exert greater control over you, such as prohibiting you from wearing particular attire, doing certain activities, or visiting specific individuals. They may also threaten you, claiming that you have made them so jealous that you deserve such threats or even violence. They might even try to rationalize their jealously by claiming that they are only jealous because they don't want to lose you. They are merely trying to dominate you, so don't believe them.

2. They Won't Let You Say Anything Negative About Them

If your partner tries to limit what you can say to others, this could indicate that they are controlling. This could be about your disagreements, something they've said or done to you, or your entire relationship. Threats to injure you or themselves, as well as threats to break up with you, may accompany them telling you you can't tell anyone about specific things. By attempting to restrict what you say to others, you enable them to abuse you since they know you won't tell anyone else for fear of upsetting them.

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