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Ladies what is stopping you from spoiling your man like this lady.

Relationships these days are things we consider to be one way standard, where man are the ones who are typically expected to spoil and make all the decisions and the lady must be at the receiving end of all this. Well, things have changed and it seems that people or a lot more women are starting to adapt to the fact that relationships should be 50/50 meaning they should never be biased, both people are contributing to their relationship, and I'm sure we all believe that that is much better than when the men is the one doing all the work for both of them.

Well, a young lady proved that relationships shouldn't be about giving only one person money and spoiling them, it should be both partners involved who get to be spoiled. The young lady gave her boyfriend out of the blue R140 for him to go and get himself a haircut. To me that sounds so romantic and very sweet, it seems like she's a very thoughtful person who remembers even the little things about her lover. The best part is she even mentioned how much she loves the guy, if that is not romantic then I don't know what is indeed.

There is no better feeling that making the one you love happy, I mean it feels good to know that you have made someone's day even better, it does not matter if they are your lover or just a random stranger knowing you just made someone happy could make your day even better too, so imagine if that particular person that you made happy is the one you love and would cross the sea for.

Well this young lady has proven that it is not only the ladies who get spoiled, it's also the man too, so spoil that special somebody that you have, because they probably want to be spoiled and they probably deserve it.

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