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Here's Why it is important to make love to your girl During her Period Month

Naturally, women were born to go through menstrual cycle each and every month, and during that period, a lot is happening in their body, things like having mood swings, cravings, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and pain in the abdomen area.

On this article, we will list few points about why as a man it is so important to make and show love to your woman during her period time.

Making love to your woman during her period phase has its benefits, just by making love to them will change how they feel.

Here are the 4 benefits of making love to your woman during her period phase:

• Their Stomach Cramps will be relieved

• There more you make love to them, is the more the period phase become shorter.

• It also stops their headche.

• The pains in their abdomen will be relieved too.

These are the most important benefits woman get when they make love during their period phase.

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