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If You Notice These 3 Signs In A Woman, She Doesn't Love You

There are signs that a woman is no longer in love with her boyfriend or her husband. These warning signs are common, but many men ignore them.

When a woman is unhappy with her relationship with you, she will start to act negatively.

When you are in a relationship with a woman, you should always learn to behave properly.

If you notice any of the following three signs in a woman, she is not in love with you:

1. She is not responding to your text.

If a woman isn't responding to your texts, it's a sign that she's sick of you. Some women do this to their men when they are no longer interested in the relationship.

As a man, if you notice this sign in your wife or girlfriend, rate their love for you because she might not love you anymore.

 2. She's still mad at you.

 If a woman yells at you for trivial things, it could be a sign that she doesn't love you anymore and that she is annoyed by your presence.

If you notice this in a girl, it means that she no longer cares about you as a man.

 3. She refuses to return your phone calls.

When a girl refuses to answer your phone calls, it can be a sign that she doesn't adore you. When a girl doesn't like a boy, it can be difficult for her to communicate with him.

If you notice this sign in a girl, know that she doesn't like you. As a result, you can either try to win back her love or seek love elsewhere if she is no longer interested.

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