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Sengkhathele: Woman admits to neglecting her child because of boyfriend stress

Seng'khathele is a show on Mzansi Magic that helps people break up with their significant others on television. This week we met Thabo and Tshegofatso who were a match made in hell. They were both toxic for each other that much was clear.

However, their treatment of their child was quite deplorable.

I suppose when you meet and fall in love with someone you can't picture a time where they would hurt you on purpose. This is how their relationship ended up being. They both cheated and lied to each other. However their child was the real victim in this situation.

He was sent off to live with Tshegofatso's sister and she pays no mind to him. She admitted to being too stressed to be able to take care of her child. It's clear that the priority is the crumbling relationship and that's a pity for the young life.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, " "Thabo wa nstressa thats why ke sena sepe le ngwanake(Thab is stressing me and that's why I have done nothing for my child)"😮😮Men are the hill she is willing to die on bathong #SengKhathele"

While another user wrote, "The child is always the one that suffers the most when parents don’t act like parents…This breaks my heart💔 #sengkhathele #SENGKHATHELE"

This relationship has truly run its course but I'm really sad for the child stuck in the middle of this. Children deserve to be raised by both parents and to e treated with love and kindness. I hope Tshegofatso and Thabo can come together to do that.

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Source: Seng'khathele on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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