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Imbewu:Nkululeko learns the truth after proposing to Fikile

Daily Post

20 October 2021

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Things get ugly on the etv show Imbewu

Nkululeko Bhengu the heir of the late Zimele Bhengu fell inlove with Fikile and he had to break up with the mother of his son Zethu.Nkululeko's baby mother experienced a depression which lead her to committing suicide.

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Nkululeko continued with his relationship with Fikile and now he want to marry her.

Fikile's mother comes to the picture and questions Nkululeko about his nature

Later on Nkululeko will find out after proposing that him and Fikile are related by blood.He get this new by Fikile's mother who was also shocked to find out that the gentleman who wants to marry her daughter is a Bhengu.

They have to break up and Fikiles blood test results come back and she is infertile.

Nkululeko do a DNA test for him and Fikile to find out the real truth.

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