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'Is This True?' Lady Ask After Watching this video about Girls before marriage

Date: 22/07/03


'Is this True?' Lady Ask After Watching this video about Girls before marriage

We grown up being told that if you are a girl and you don't do house chores you won't be married, no man will want to marry a girl that is lazy.

Time has really changed and those things no longer work but to others they still work. Today a man can marry any girl they want without knowing whether they can do house chores or not, they don't care they only care about love. Years back a man could not choose who he will marry but family will choose for him and also applies to woman. They get married not because of love but because their families want them to get married.

A lady posted a video and asked if this was true or not. In the video it shows how woman act before marriage and after marriage when they are cooking. When they cook while they are not married they will be acting scared to touch the hot pot but after marriage they will be touching the pot without being scared with their bare hands.

Here are some of the people's Comments.


That is not true, those were done by old people. Women of now will never touch the hot pot even if they are married.

What do you think about this?

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