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Heartbreaking: Lady pays tribute to her boyfriend RIP clown you will be in our hearts

One thing about love is that it has no skin color, and who the heart chooses to love no man can stop, but, unfortunately, we are living in difficult times where life is not guaranteed. One moment you are joyful the next thing you are sad because of everything that's happening nowadays, that's why it's important to enjoy your life to the fullest with your loved ones while you are still alive create memories because like is too short.

There's nothing as painful as losing someone so close to your heart, love is a beautiful thing to share, and it's hard to find. There's nothing as painful as investing your life into someone's life then lose them just like that. Death has robbed a lot of people of their happiness and left them heartbroken during these past 3 years.

A white lady left people heartbroken when she shared posts paying tribute to her black boyfriend. The heartbreaking part is that you can see that she was in love and not only did she lose a lover, but she also lost a friend.

The lady's name is a fairy, Fairy took to her social media account and shared: You were such a beautiful part of my life Mpho, I’ll never forget your laugh, your little dance moves, the light you brought into every room. Words can’t describe how heartbroken I feel, but I know you knew you were loved. And I hope you still feel it somehow.

Death will rob you of your happiness to a point that you never know what to do next because one thing about life has no manual, every time something like this happens you have to pick yourself up and move on with your life, as painful as it is.

Right now Fairy is probably going through a lot and probably asking herself too many questions like why me? Because those are questions we ask ourselves when we find ourselves in this kind of situation, but then again there's nothing we can do because this thing called life it's unpredictable, that's why they say make every second of your life count because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Right now all I can say is pick yourself up dear, wipe those tears, pray to God to give you strength and power during this tough time, and fight.


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