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Getting over childhood trauma

As much as we may say how we were raised will not affect the relationships we form with others and how much we may vow that we will be better partners and parents that how our parents were, our backgrounds somehow affect how we respond to the outside world.

It is always better for yourself and your mental health to confront issues from your past than to burry them and pretend they did not happen because confronting them gives space for you to be vulnerable, to hurt and actually realising what makes you tick during some life events, what makes you always have your guard up, why do you overreact in some situations and once you confront these then you can hurt and move on.

There is nothing beautiful about pretending to be strong all the time, it is not human nature to pretend as if everything is ok all the time. Many people who resort to being cruel and have animosity are people who do not want to confront the parts of them that hurt so they can heal. These people end up hurting themselves and those around them because of things they have buried in the past and feel as if being vulnerable means they are weak. People whoa are able to be vulnerable are the strongest because they give themselves time to confront the parts of them that hurt so they can heal and be better people for themselves and those around them.

Your past does not determine your future, you are not your background. Learn to confront your past so that it can never ruin your future and your future relationships. Do not hold on to past events, acknowledge them and move on. Also playing victim all the time will only hurt you and the relationships you form with others, acknowledge events and move on.

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