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Ten Signs She's Single| You Don't Have To Get Offended Here's My List

Guys, if you are reading this, make sure you stay tactful. You don't want her to run from you; you want her to like you.

1. Check her car to see if it's clean

When a woman's car is always clean, she usually has a man keeping the vehicle clean. If you always see the wheels and tires of her car dirty, then it is likely she's single.

2. She Posts Guy-Free Pictures On Her Social Media

It's good to look at women's social media accounts to find out if they're single. If there are no pictures with her and another guy, then she might be single. Also, make sure you keep an eye on her privacy settings.

3. You see her alone at the movie theatre

Women usually go to the movies with their husbands, unless they are just movie buffs. If you see a woman at the top of the theatre eating popcorn, sitting alone, she may be single.

4. Watch Her Grocery Basket

If you wonder if she is single while you are grocery shopping, look into her cart. Are there items that only she would want in her basket? If you see Hanes boxer briefs or condoms, walk away.

5. She gives you a smile and eye contact at the same time

There's a difference between a woman's look when she is interested and polite.

6. One of her friends may tell you she's single and available to date

There are times when her friend throws an alley-oop at you. All you need to do is to catch the ball and dunk.

Seeing whether a person is single is not always easy, but it can be done. It may not be a definite confirmation, but it will help you determine whether you have a chance with the girl you like if you don't approach her.

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