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Why Having “A Song” Is Good For The Couple

1- Remember what is the strength of his love

The beginning of a serious relationship is the antechamber of paradise: everything is simple, beautiful and exhilarating. And if your couple is running out of steam , or going through a difficult period, remembering this golden period when loving each other was as easy and vital as breathing can help you get back to the basics of your relationship . Concentrating on the happy memories that your song releases and evoking them in pairs sort of revives the machine. It’s a nice way to reassert your feelings, keeping in mind what makes your story worth it.

2- Treat yourself to a little introspection on your relationship

For a couple that lasts , it is essential to know how to sometimes take a step back to judge the direction taken by the relationship. In the same way as when we have stocks on the stock market, it is by following the prices that we will make them grow. And that is quite the role that your emblematic song can play: it marks with a white stone every moment when you sing it, and allows you to look back on your whole experience as a couple. It is an ideal starting point for a common introspection, a small hunt for memories … And possibly for small adjustments , so that the flame remains always as alive as the first time that you decreed that “it was your song”.

3- Find your complicity

In the perilous twists and turns of routine , this song is a breadcrumb that helps you find your way back to the other. No matter what crises you are going through, this song which symbolizes your love in its strongest and most beautiful part contributes to the maintenance of a powerful emotional bond. It is part of the folklore of your relationship, and it is by regularly drawing on this medley of memories of happiness that you will also manage to stay the course.

4- Defuse conflicts and tensions

We do not encourage you to systematically play the card of “your” song as you shoot down your last asset every time a tension is created: it is not a joker to pass your turn, but a tool which can help you to more easily resolve a conflict . This song is a message for the other, a way to reaffirm his love. When you have a tendency to jump your throat and you cannot get out of the doldrums of harsh remarks , this can be an instrument to remember the essentials and to purge a little the resentment that poisons you.

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