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Meet The First Group Of Male And Female That Went Hiking Naked. Check How People Reacted

27/06 /2022


A group of males and females caused a stir on social media after people noticed something strange about them.

This group left everyone talking on social media, they just decided to undress their clothes and climb the mountain naked. They didn't yet explain to the public why they climbed mountains naked.

People started to speculate saying, they wanted to meet with their ancestors. Some say they believe that when they are naked they will receive all the luck they seek on the top of the mountain.

This caused debate on social media since some people think is a bad idea to walk naked in front of some people's wives and husbands. Even though they were couples now their dignity will be lost because they can compare each other's private parts.

However, some people see nothing wrong here and they believe that these people were embracing their culture.

This issue is still unresolved, let's hear from your side. Will you do such a thing, despite the situation you may find yourself in it?


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