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My boyfriend does not care about my children: Opinion

A woman went to Daily Sun to complain about her man. She stated:

"My boyfriend and I are both 28. I have two kids and he does not have any. He does not support me when it comes to my two kids and that stresses me. How do I continue with a man who does not treat my kids like they are his?"

When a man agrees to date a woman, he agrees to date all of her. When he dates a woman with children he must understand that the children are the first priority. If he loves her he must also love her children.

The woman should sit down and have a real conversation about this. She must tell her what she expects of him and whether he will be able to accept being the father. Children can feel the tension if one parent does not care so she needs to put them first.

If he's unable to be the father then the relationship should probably end. Maybe the woman should date someone who already has children, someone older, perhaps a divorcee.

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