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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Memes that will leave a smile on your face

Girlfriends be going through pics in your phone be like "who is that b*tch?"My face in mirror vs. My face in photosWhere does almond milk come from?


My brain:I have two moods.

dang I'm cute af and Why am I so ugly When alcohol hits and you are not shy anymore.

Let us get n*ked

We faked a proposal just to get free dessert Oh my gosh we really do not deserve my mom. All she wanted to do was spell out love in our family pictures. She had no idea.

I can relate When you put a 2 hour movie on just so you can eat your food in 3 minutes and 45 seconds:

I know the pain Me after a long day of ruining my own life When the FaceTime connects

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