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A heated argument for boyfriend between best friends left one critical when she was poured with acid

As it stands now all over the world, we're trying to emancipate women from the abuse of men. We are trying to make sure that women are independent. We are trying to empower them in the community to make sure that they have a say in whatever is happening.

We are even promoting them into crucial positions of leadership. We are even trying to make them take a lead, not just on other women like women among themselves, but even to lead men. As much as we are trying that, the only problem is that women themselves, are not helping to themselves. They abuse each other more than man.

The reason I'm saying this is because, so far we have heard a lot of reports about the women beating each other. They are trending all over social media. It's either a woman is beating her husband in the public, or a woman is beating her best friend fighting over a man.

There are so many reports that have happened not just with women, but even girls. We ever seen reports where girls are fighting in the school premises over a boyfriend, and some of these girls are very aggressive, that way you can see that women are very cruel to each other. School girls when they are fighting for boyfriends, most of them they rip each other's under garments for everybody to see the nakedness of the defeated opponent.

As you can see also with this woman here, she is arguing with her best friend and after that pour acid on her face. This is humiliation in the highest form because, woman cares much about their faces. So she's poured acid on that face, no matter how much she spend on making it smooth, it is now ruined.

She poured acid on her and this is not humiliating her, it's attempted murder. She wants to make sure that this girl feels the pain and how she can kill if the offense involves her man, even a best friend is not safe. This is not good, why would best friends allow a man to come between them. If they can separate because of him, it means that he was never good to for any of them. They just needed to leave a man go and themselves they sit down and talk.

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