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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Shares Story Of Her Life As Husband Brought Another Wife: "I Did This".

Fridah claims that her husband's second marriage irritated her. She even forced her to prostitute herself on the streets. She stated that she married the father of her unborn child, which her parents disapproved of. 

Because he was so completely in love with her, her husband always treated her like a queen after she gave birth. This was not the case once her second kid was born, as her husband began to mistreat her. 

She stated that her husband and husband had been married to another woman for three years, but what disappointed her was that he hugged her with his stuff, claiming that the divorce was not due to him. She doesn't need to read to live in it as a wife, nor does she need to read to confront all of the hardships that come with being a wife. 

Life has finally gotten to him, and he decides to leave Mary. "Isaas married another woman eight months after Regans." I couldn't live with my new wife at the same time because we had to struggle even to survive. Someone had to perish. He stated, "I shook and left the house." 

After the marijuana ran out, he began working as a surrogate while regressing for only eight months, which he found difficult. This is the only job she wants to do as an independent woman, and it is not an easy one. She delivered birth after the ninth month, but she had no touch with her husband during this network trip. 

It was difficult to live with Infanta without being steady, yet it wasn't. He stated that his sister then urged him to visit herbalist Dr. Magwenu, whom he told about on a virtual news site, to assist him in repairing his Maria. 

Her husband, Isaas, puts an end to a yelling match with his newlywed wife while praying for a reconciliation. Dr. Magwenu told him that his testimony would not be broadcast on television or on the internet. She had no qualms about reuniting with her spouse because he was tired of living a harsh life. They're the same as before, and they live hard on a large scale.


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