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Twin Sisters Marry The Same Man But Mzansi Is Not Happy About It Because Of This Reasons

Twin Sisters Marry The Same Man But Mzansi Is Not Happy About In Because Of This Reasons

Source: #Dlozlami Twitter Page

Source: MojaLoveTv Channel 157 Twitter page

I once saw twin brothers who happen to marry one lady. I thought 5his does not happen in South Africa. But after seen last night episode of #Dlozlami I now believe that twins are two bodies but one soul. After seeing last night #Dlozlami episode hosted by Thembi Nyathi I nownwonder if the other twins are also doing what Owami and Olwethu are doing.

Owami and Olwethu went to consult with #Dlozlami after being married to the same man for 9 years and niw they have made the decision to get divorced after realising that they are not happy in their marriage for 9 years. Following their divorce according to the sources thentwins were not happy as it is said they were experiencing abuse by their husband.

Mzansi were shock to see the twin more specially when they had to reveal reason for marrying old man. It is understandable that the did all this just to get fame. They are coming from poor background being raised by their grandmother. Marrying a rich man was a breakthrough to their life as they couldn't afford life.

The twin have baby girls who exactly look the same but different mothers. Their daughters are likely see as twin as they share the same DNA. They twin sisters were married to their husband Mzukiseni, who was then working as a director on television drama ‘Muvhango’. Apparently the twin sisters were living poverty and Mzukiseni has taken advantage of the twin.

Twin sisters went to #Dlozlami yesyerday seeking help that old man of theirs nearly killed them. They spoke about attempted murder... Imagine all that for fame. tonight's episode was very different but very insightful still, there's really a lot that we don't know. The twin have grown up doing the same tings all he time. Parents really need to start raising their twins/multiples as individuals because what is this behaviour? Even their kids are part of this foolishness. Parents need to separate their twinsso that they don't do the same thins. This wins does the same things together and some of the things them are doing does not make any sense such s going to the cementry and have picnic there.

Do you think it's wise to get twins to marry one man? Let's chat about it.


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