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Older Sister Spent The 1.2M Money Left By Her Deseased Mom and Excluded Her 3 Other Siblings

Imagine your family gets a payout from your deceased parents & your older sister as the beneficiary decides to take the money & pay off all her debts. Leaving you & your siblings with R98000 from R1.2M, lOne of your siblings has to go to university next year.

Please Read below and give uour opi ion if the elder sister was selfish for what she did or if she was responsible with the money left in her trust and care.

In her defence she says she had a business that was drowning, and her house was about to be repossessed, She thought when her business picks up she’ll make the money back.

Personally I think her selfishness is the reason why her business didn’t thrive. She knew what she had to do.

She should have discussed her debts and business issues with you guys first. Then go ahead with what you guys decide to do together, They always claim they had plans to pay back the money and it never happens, weirdly enough it happens under the same circumstances where there’s a child that needs to go to varsity, this is very common and weird.

The parents decided who is their heir and what a person does with their inheritance is up to them unless there was a letter stating otherwise unfair as it is.

@lenny - But how do we let our houses get repossessed? I saw the other Sangoma loosing her house too. Why we can't move out and rent it out ?

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