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Venda's rich man Hendrick says he does not mind failing Grade 9, as long as he is rich

Hendrick Makuya is what everyone is talking about now in Venda. We were first introduced to him as a rich man who generates money from animal farming. Now we know him as a grade 9 learner. Livhu made us to perceive Hendrick as a grown up man, because of the respect he gave him and that was probably because he wanted Hendrick to feel superior and give him his monies. When you praise a rich man, he feels richer and then start show off.

After parting ways with SABC Livhu, Hendrick has gained many followers of Facebook, and the engagement on his posts is good. It was his followers who advised him to part ways with Livhu because he was a bad influencer and a parasite. Hendrick would sell his goats then use the money to spoil Livhu and his family, that was totally unfair.

Hendrick took to Facebook and posted a picture of himself, on the picture he was wearing uniform and he was in class. On the caption Hendrick said he does goes to school even though he is rich. He added comments on the post saying he does not mind failing Grade 9 as long as he is rich, he further on said that he did better so far because there are those who left school at grade 8 level.

Not all of his fans were pleased by this mentality. He has not yet written final year exams but he is already speaking of failing and that he won't care. Do you think Hendrick will pass grade 9 this year?


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