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Diary of a married woman

"Two weeks ago my boyfriend paid Lobola for me (he sent his uncles) and they also requested me to come and stay with my in laws for few weeks. They are from rural areas and I am a city girl.

The first few days they were treating me bad but from yesterday they are showing me flames.

First thing the granny woke me up in the morning and said I should accompany her to the forest to carry some woods. I thought okay let me do it to know her better,we got there she gave me iphanga ( that long spear like knife) and instructed me to cut down 4 big trees. She was sitting under some tree relaxed and eating her peanuts. Mind you I got my nails done and my hair is still new but she didn't care now my hands are sore and has some bubbles with water inside.

She was insulting me in the forest telling me that I am lazy and very slow. When we come back we were no longer talking because she was forcing me to put those woods on my head. When we got home she asked me to cook pap and chicken. When I switched on the stove she said she doesn't eat food prepared by a stove that is why we went to fetch woods. My husband's younger brother was there,he assisted me to start the fire.

I cooked while she was sitting under the tree. She was checking every move I made. After cooking I dished up just like I would do at home.

When I went to give her food,she instructed me to kneel on my knees and put the food on her feet, I did that and she wanted water to clean her hands. I came with cold water because it was hot, she refused and said she wants hot water. I boiled water and mixed it with cold water.

After that she looked at the plate I gave her, she kicked the plate. I was confused. I looked at her, she just stared at the tree and spit some black stuff (snuff) through her mouth. I was starting to get emotional, I called my husband's younger brother and he noticed that I dished for her in a wrong plate. He went to show me granny's plate, so much drama for a plate.

It is very hard for me to adjust to the village life."

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