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Women, If You Want To Live Long Never Marry These 8 Types Of Men ; Mostly Number 2 & 3.

Marriage is never an easy decision to make because the person you marry will be your life partner. So, before you marry him, try to get to know him from the inside out. Every woman wants her boyfriend to be her prince charming, but he often turns out to be a villain who ends up ruining their lives. No matter how wonderful a man tries to present or hide his true characteristics, the truth always comes out in the end. As a result, choose the guys you want to marry carefully and sensibly.

1. A Perfectionist.

Food, clothing, gardening, housework, and spending are all very important to such men. As a result, there's very little room for you because he'll never be sure if you're the right one for him. Marrying a perfectionist will almost always result in disappointment.

2. Hanging On To Their Ex.

These are the types of men always compare you to their ex. So that he can get the best out of you, never marry such men since your relationship will always be turbulent, and you will be the one who suffers the most.

3. Violent Man.

You rarely know if the man you're marrying is a violent man until it's too late. If you notice any indicators of violence while dating, such as him becoming enraged, yelling, hitting, or using profane language with you or anyone else, you should reconsider marrying him. His characteristics will amplify and erupt like a volcano in the future.

4. A Revolt.

Many women find up trusting their hearts to a rebellious, law-breaking man. It could be a sense of security, believing that being around such men will keep them safe and that nothing bad will happen to them. However, as their innate nature will never die, these same guys will eventually revolt in their marriages. It is possible that you will fall in love.

5.  A Bragger.

On your account, he would always brag and boast about himself and his deeds. These males will always take credit for everything and criticize you. What's the sense of marrying such a bragger if you'll always be a shadow for him?

6. A Controller.

His principle is "my way or the highway," and if things don't go his way, anticipate trouble. When things don't go the way they desire, they can become violent, abusive, and unpleasant. And, as they say, prevention is better than cure, so avoid marrying a control freak.

7. A Deceiver.

Even after marriage, a deceiver is still a deceiver. His proclivity to deceive you and do unspeakable things behind your back will always exist, even though he promises he will never do anything to harm you. So, if you end up marrying a liar, you're in for a lot of trouble.

8. Momma’s Boy.

Of course, I'm a mama's boy until a certain age, after which you mature and outgrow the momma department. However, if males continue to be momma's boys, begging their mothers for everything, this will become a real problem. Because mamma will be involved in every topic or decision you make during your marriage. Is that something you want to happen?


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