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Laugh out your sorrows

I get dizzy when someone uses my phone for more than 2 minutes. Allow someone to love you, you are too old to be sleeping alone. Girlfriends have this annoying thing about them whereby they think you should spend time with them even on weekends. Stop posting your problems on social media and start drinking alcohol like us.The fact that '20 years ago' was in 2001 and not in the 80's does not sit well with me. Name a place that you have visited, you would never want to go back again .Once she start posting all her cute pictures in a row on her status, just know she's Advertising a vacant post. It's over for you bro!Everyone is busy with their partner. I'm just scrolling up and down. If you are dating any of my friends, just know you have a nickname and we laugh at you everyday. Visitors when you find me eating and I say 'come join', don't take it serious it's just a greeting.

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