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Things That Can Weaken A Man's Ability In A Relationship.

Every adult male has the need or impulse to make love at some point during his life. Libido is the medical term for the desire to make love. A person is said to have high libido if he or she has a strong desire to make love to their spouse.

Low libido, on the other hand, is a term used to describe when a person's desire to make love is low or non-existent. However, due to various intrinsic lifestyles and habits, the status of one's libido can alter. For example, someone who had a high libido at one time may now have a low one as a result of what they started or stopped doing.

To be honest, one of the most aggravating experiences a married man may experience is waking up to the realization that, despite his willingness, he no longer has the desire to make love to his wife. Low libido is at work when a man views lovemaking as a burden or a source of stress.

One of the disadvantages of having low libido is that it might lead to adultery if your wife has high libido and lacks the attribute of self-control to overcome any temptation to fill the lovemaking vacuum left behind.

Reasons for men's poor libido.

Low libido is caused by the following factors, according to a medical report:

1. A low level of testosterone.

This is a male hormone that is responsible for muscular growth as well as the stimulation of production. Low testosterone causes a reduction in the urge to make love. Certain medicines, such as antidepressants, antifungals, opioids, and others, can induce it.

2. Insufficient or no exercise.

This has been identified as one of the causes of reduced libido in some guys. Low desire for lovemaking can be caused by health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Regular exercise, of course, can assist to alleviate those problems.

3. Excessive alcohol consumption.

While a small amount of alcohol is beneficial to one's health, too much of it can interfere with a man's desire to make love.

4. Substance abuse.

Low testosterone can be caused by using marijuana, cigarettes, and other illicit drugs without a doctor's prescription or suggestion.

5. Excessive anxiety.

When a man is frequently exposed to stress without having time to relax, the level of hormones in his system can change over time, resulting in a decline in the desire to make out.

6. Sleep deprivation.

Sleeping less than 5 hours every night regularly can also make it difficult to make love to your wife.

According to a study on the subject, the majority of men whose sleep was restricted experienced a reduction in their desire for intimacy.

7. Depression.

Undoubtedly, depression is a mental illness that has a profound impact on the victim's life (including the desire to make love).

A man's level of interest in his wife in intimacy might be affected by aging, chronic illnesses such as cancer, chronic aches, and other factors.

You must avoid the aforementioned things at all costs if you want to overcome low libido. Your libido will be recovered over time.


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