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Dating Romantic

Tips for guys who are in a relationship

Few points on how to be romantic to your partner

Usually when the relationship is new, we don’t have to give a second thought about how to be more romantic. We go out of our way to make romantic gestures. We are making phone calls, texting her at work, sending flowers or gifts, and expressing our feelings towards each other.

But as time goes on, we forget that the tiniest gift given at the right moment will ignite a blazing fire in her heart. Simple to over the top gestures reassures your partner, you are still interested.

10 Simple tips to be more romantic

1. Be happy to be with her

2. Compliment her

3. Kiss

4. Hold hands

5. hug

6. Dance

7. Pamper her

8. Use endearing names

9. Romantic date nights

10. Just say "I love you"

Stop thinking about being romantic as something for special occasions only. Being romantic to your partner is the one thing making your relationship different and unique from all other relationships.

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