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3 Types Of Eye Contacts From Ladies And What They Mean

Women make different types of eye contact, mostly when they're around men, and such eye contact only shows what she thinks about you. So today I'm going to tell you what they mean because every man is supposed to know every type of eye contact and what it means, so I'm going to show you the meaning of an eye sign.

1. The involuntary gaze.

Some men, when they just look at a woman, and she quickly looks away, it means it wasn't intentional. Every woman involuntarily looks mainly at people she does not know (strangers).

2. The intentional gaze.

A shy woman will surely look away when you catch her staring at you, that's what we intentionally call it, once you notice this in a woman who shows she has feelings for you, but she is shy for you say how she feels about you so as a man once you take the first step the answer you get from her must surely be a yes because she is already interested in you .

3. A look of a second.

A lady who is looking at you even after you catch her looking at you then you will notice that she looks away for a few seconds and keeps looking at you, it is because she is interested in you because that she finds you so beautiful and charming, she won't tell you a word about how she feels for you, but her appearance will say it all, just wake up to such ladies who stare for a second and express your love for her, you will notice that she will totally fall for you.

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