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Husband and wife relationship

Is wife number four disrespectful to her husband see social media reaction to her

Mbali "MaNgwabe" Mseleku is one of the four wives of the well-known Musa Museleku who is an open polygamous.

According to Zalebs media publication, it has been reported that she got viewers voting for her when she showed her husband, Musa Museleku, that she is the girl who thinks she is. Sis was not about to let that man make her think she is not doing her wifely duties.

Musa Mseleku implied that his first wife does not see him when it comes to respect, she just does everything as she pleases and she does not even bother to communicate these things with him.

According to the publication, he went as far as saying that MaNgwabe does not cook for him as much as she should because she always says she's too busy and by that means going to work to fend for her kids.

Many social media users, I couldn't today openyon death thing that wife number for once out of the relationship just by looking at her actions on the show.

According to social media, many uses have said that she is indeed disrespectful to her husband. And many viewers have said that this act of hers of being independent woman that can stand up to her man it's starting to be annoying because this was straight previous season.

According to the comments you can see on the screenshots that I've shared below. According Instagram comments, this is what they had to say.

According to your own opinion what do you think about the show if you do follow and watch the show, is she being disrespectful to her husband, or she's just being independent as she is always busy according to her.

Kindly share your own opinions and thoughts about this matter on the comment section. According to my opinion, I just think she's just being independent.

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