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First date mistakes men usually make.

You just met a great woman and your first date is planned. This is your chance to impress or fend them off. 

Obviously, you want to achieve the first: impress you. But be careful, there are some things that are a no-go on a first date and most likely will prevent a second one.

 Mistake # 1 - alcohol. You may be a casual drinker, a social drinker, or even an angry alcoholic, but does she really need to see that part of you right away? If you can't get through a date without alcohol, you may have to end the relationship while you are checking into a treatment center.

 In the case of social drinkers, ask him in passing if he is drinking. Chances are, you enjoy having a drink in the right environment every now and then. If you do, then you plan to do it on the street.

But the same caveat applies to your appointment. If he gets in the car and asks you to stop by the liquor store before the date starts, it doesn't bode well for the night. 

Error n. # 2: introduce friends. Friends are great. But like alcohol, they are part of your life that must be introduced at the right time. 

Let the first date be a time when the two of you find out if you have anything in common. Meet and haggle with friends later.

 Error n. 3: overdo it. Your first date should be casual and relaxed so that you can focus on her and the same.

Filling the night with outrageous entertainment and one dramatic performance after another makes time pass quickly, but doesn't give you a chance to see if you have anything in common. 

Also, if you do the whole show on date number one, date number two gets REALLY boring.

 Error n. # 4: talk about marriage and babies. You can also hang a sign around your neck that says you have a contagious disease. This is a sure way to end a relationship before you have a chance.

 Marriage and children are big issues, at the right time. Which means a long way to go in a new relationship.

Mistake # 5 - luggage. Talking about lost relationships is disastrous. The only time you need to take care of your luggage is when boarding a plane. 

Bringing it up on the first date makes you look desperate. The women run away desperate

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