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3 Things Every Girl Needs from Her Dad| An Analysis of What The Research Shows.

To begin, let me say that I am fully aware that not every child is raised in a traditional, heterosexual, two-parent home, and I do not intend to imply that these children are at a disadvantage. In this article, I will analyze some of the findings regarding parent-child relationships, particularly in terms of what a daughter needs from her father.

1. Allowing children to be children—or the risk of future relationship issues. 

Parents need to guard against relying on their children for psychological comfort. Study findings suggest many women recall their childhood experience with their father as becoming "parentified," a maladaptive process in which children start taking on parental caregiving functions and feel responsible for them; The satisfaction with their intimate relationships and relationship security in adulthood were significantly lower than those of their counterparts who didn't feel parentified as children.

2. Warmth, acceptance, availability, and positive affect -- or risk depression.

Researchers found that a father-daughter relationship and understanding of communication are very important in a study on depressed adolescent girls and never-depressed adolescent girls. A significant proportion of girls who were diagnosed with depression reported feeling rejected and neglected by their father and reported experiencing a cold, distant relationship even if their parents were separated or married. 

3. Positive parenting skills and shared physical activity. 

I admit that the above statement oversimplifies this study. The Dads and Daughters Exercising and Empowered (DADEE) program was designed to enhance parents' basic parenting skills, maximizing dads' contribution to their daughters' social-emotional development and playing fitness-related games with fathers and daughters as an opportunity to engage in active, collaborative play. Participants with their fathers in the training group had greater improvement in social-emotional competence, decision-making skills, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and personal responsibility as compared with a wait-list control group. Overall, this study emphasizes the benefits of high-quality parenting skills for the daughters of dads who are good parents.

Nevertheless, authors discovered that involvement and communication had a beneficial effect on daughters living with stepfathers and not their biological fathers. In addition to showing a willingness to volunteer their time and attention to their stepdaughter, the authors suggest that those behaviors may also contribute to establishing and maintaining a functional relationship. For more articles like this follow us.


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