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Father Arrested For Raping His Daughter



It is sad that most couples have to separate or divorce and there a child or children left in between the two. Their living arrangements may be confusing to them as will sometimes be with the father and sometimes with the mother . The Biological parents end up moving on with their lives by adding the third and fourth person the party (stepparents).

Most families have accepted the situation and the children have a good relationship going with the other parties , then there are children who find it hard to accept their additional parents because they don't treat them equally with their biological children or just don't want the kids as they sometimes get to inherit most of their parents belongings .

As a parent either the mother or father, you both expect that the other parent will make sure that their children are safe and sound . It is sad that the person you trust the most ends up being the monster you should stay away from.


The 35-year-old father from the Eastern Cape province raped his eight years old daughter as she had came to visit him. Apparently he had told the child not to tell anyone but the child told her aunt but they report the crime after they saw that the child is having difficulties walk as tests were done it was seen that she was forcefully penetrated.

Authors Opinion

The father has no remorse . Raping your own child? How do you look at your flesh and blood and do something so horrible ? If you are able to do such things to your own child, I wonder if you haven't done anything to the children or women in your community Some people do not deserve to have children and there are so many people who can not have their own. He deserves to rot in jail and he must not have any chance of getting out out with parole.

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