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Husband and wife relationship

My Mother Ruined My Marriage And Now I'm Stranded. Lady Cries Out.

In the collective imagination, a mother's presence is seen as the most beautiful moment of a person's life. However, a mother's interference in her daughter's marriage should not be overlooked. Despite the odds, many couples discover late in life that inviting a partner's father isn't always the best option. I still like my mum, despite the fact that she damaged my relationship.

I'm a 28-year-old woman in my early twenties. My marriage to a nice man was going swimmingly until my mother arrived there and spoiled it all. My spouse backed me up and wouldn't let me work. It was wonderful to have a mother who was so concerned about my well-being. He would tell me to stay at home and care for him and our son, but the scenario enraged me in a good way. I felt as if I were a child who needed to beg for everything.

I wasn't financially self-sufficient because I wasn't working. My husband begged me to make something for him and deliver it to him on his way to work (he owns an auto parts store), but I couldn't because I was unemployed. He came home and started cooking while I was sleeping. He'd ask why I hadn't cooked when I awoke. I had a habit of getting carried away, which almost always ended in a brawl.

I dialed my mother's number, and she drove over to my husband's house to pick up my suitcase and join me. Because I believed I had a right to more. Despite my family's forgiveness, my husband has refused to accept me back as his wife today. Right now, I'm in a horrible mood. This is something I despise my mum for doing. She didn't have the legal authority to assist me in my attempt to depart my married household in the first place. So, how do I proceed from here? Please assist me.

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