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Look how people reacted to Gradp and his girlfriend post: Opinion

Grandp and his huge girlfriend just made a hilarious picture of themselves when they posted. Grandp is on the back of his girlfriend some, Eudoxie and people were commenting that, "it is a mother and son love, and others are just mocking them just like that.

This is what they mean when they say, love is blind, and by the way love is not love until you give it away. You have to give something away to show how much you love. These two have stuck together through thick and thin. There have been mistakes on the side of Eudoxie, they have been mistakes on the side of Grandp, but they are still together, and for this woman to be able to stay around with Grandp for such a long time, it shows that she really loves him.

I don't think this has got anything to do with money, because she has her own money. If you can look some of her videos, she is having her own gigs where people are attending in full force, which means that she is not in this relationship for money. After all you may realise that she is even better off financially than Grandp. I think she really loves him, but then it is a topic for another day, and also that judgement can be left to the two of them. They know the reason why they have to stick together, they know the reason why they are together after after it all.

You may also realise that one of them has got a hold over another, it could be a Grandp, it could be Edoxie. So nobody knows what is the push behind this relationship, or what sustains it, it could be something good, it could be something bad, it could be a manipulation of some sort, spiritually or physically. It could be caused by natural attraction between the two of them.

So this is very good for them to be able to be together under natural attraction. Youbsee that, they don't mind what people are going to say, they just do what makes them happy. They just posted, whether you're going to laugh whether you're going to mock them, whether you're going to criticize or whatever you are saying, themselves they look so happy, and it looks like they mind their own business, looks like they're having fun.

So that is it, I don't know what do you think of this relationship, is there any hold over each other that we don't know. Is it just natural? maybe we can just leave it to God and to themselves. They're the ones that knows the best of what has made them to stick to each other after all the challenges and after everything that they are going through.

Despite the fact of considering their height gap and considering most of all the condition that Grand has. So if this lady is in it for love, then she's a good person, she's a good woman. There are very few women that can stick around like she did. She actually the most caring person that I have ever seen, God bless her

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