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I met the love of my life at 27 while she is 75 yrs old, Man says as he shares video with his lover

Tick-tock is a social media application where a guy goes by the name Reggie and posts videos of himself and his partner. But not only did he share the video in a routine way that caught people’s attention; it was also his companion caption that caught attention.

 In her own words, she met the love of her life when she was 27, and the woman was 75 at the time.

 People have expressed great concern when it comes to the issue of age, especially with regard to their own age, which is a significant variation, and some have responded in a mixed way to it, despite the fact that love, as they say, is blind and can be found in any location or scenario. He may have done it because he had money, while some say he could have done it in exchange for a favor or something else from the woman, leading him to choose her despite the fact that they had a decade gap in age.

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 In this case, what would you say? Despite the age gap, do you think it is okay for you to marry someone, or do you believe it will depend on the circumstances that led to the marriage?

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