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Lovely Ways To Identify A Stingy Man In A Relationship

Lovely Ways To Identify A Stingy Man In A Relationship

There is a distinction between the terms "having" and "giving." It is one thing to have, and quite another to give of one's resources to others. There are some men who have a lot of money but are stingy (they don't contribute much), and there are others who have little but give generously from what they have (they are givers).

Until they encounter a stingy rich man, one of the misunderstandings some ladies make is to believe that "having" and "giving" are interchangeable terms.

Every women wants to be married to a man who is financially secure because, let's face it, no lady wants to be in a position of financial hardship. Remove yourself from the pursuit of money through nefarious and dubious means.

In this case, the money has been properly and authentically obtained. Unfortunatelly, however, not many girls are willing to take a minute and consider whether every man who is financially secure is willing to spend the money on her.

It is one thing to have money, but it is quite another to spend that money. There are some guys who are financially successful, but who find it nearly impossible to spend their earnings on their families. We have ladies who are married to wealthy men but are unable to support themselves. It is not every woman who is married to a wealthy man that gets to benefit from her husband's money. The only time the man gives money is when the wife requests that he accompany her to the market to purchase food items.

Unfortunately, some of those husbands are still willing to put their spouses under duress to prevent them from working. The ladies were aware of their frugal way of living before they were married, but they chose to disregard it.

When dating a man, keep an eye out for the following indicators to ensure that you do not end up marrying a wealthy man with a grip clenched around his neck:

1.There will never be a day when he will give you a treat on his own initiative.

When you are in financial trouble, he will never, ever, ever give you money without your express permission.

He will always have an excuse to provide in order to avoid giving you the money, even if you specifically ask.

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