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Gogo Maweni explain why Women need to stop sharing blankets with different man for money


Many young women are stuck in life because of the things they did with men they met. Since we all know that there are soul ties even though we cannot see them with a naked eye, our destiny can be destroyed because of the people we meet in life.

Gogo Maweni shared why young women need to stop sharing blankets with different men. She revealed that life can disappoint because of actions women take at times. You might be struggling to have a baby not understanding what causes that, to you it might seem like you have a health condition. But when you dig deeper you realize that life is more than intimacy. People destroy their lives because they invite multiple partners in their cycle, causing their inner angel to suffer spiritually.

" Do not let the word I love you fool you" some people come into your life dirty. Allowing them in you killing your own destiny, Multiple partners bring bad energy into one's life watch out. Do not forget to like share and follow for more content, this post was shared by Gogo Maweni on her Facebook page.

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Gogo Maweni


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