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You can make your relationship work only if you want too.

You yourself know what you want, you know your worth, you know how you want your relationship to be therefore it means you hold the key to your relationship.

Seating down and waiting for someone to fix your relationship might take forever or that someone might fix your relationship and take over the relationship permanently.

If you want something to be done then do it yourself. We all have the ideal man or woman in our heads, if you sit down and do nothing then it means that the ideal woman or man will only be a myth. But if you stand up and start shaping and molding your partner then you will end up with you ideal partner.

Sit down with your partner tell them your idea of a perfect partner, listen to what they have to say about it as well then take it from there. Help one another to fit each other's status. Rebuke each other , advice one another on how you can be perfect for one another. And remember as much as you want your partner to change you also must be ready to change.

If you don't want something to work will see you by neglecting your partner ,taking advantage of them and ignoring them as well. But if you know what you want, you will go an extra mile to help your partner overcome their fears and you won't boast about their weaknesses.

Instead of pulling them down you will pull them up and encourage them to do better.

It's all up to you.

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