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6 signs that its time to leave your parents

In this article, I am going to talk about the signs that it is now time to leave your parents and start your own life. If you experience the following things in your life, do your mental health a favor and just leave. Here are the signs that it is now time to leave.

1. You are 30

This is the time where you should be having your life together. Even after 25, you shouldn't depend on your parents because you are now a grown man. It is understandable if you are between the ages of 18 and 25 because you might be still in college.

2. They don't respect your boundaries

They often tell you that it's their house and you are going to live according to their rules. They treat you like you are a child. You feel like you don't have privacy. They just come into your room uninvited. You are also not allowed to bring your girlfriend home. They also have a problem with accepting no. They just have a way of making you feel bad about yourself. This shows that they don't respect you.

3. They are victims

They just don't admit when they are wrong. They have a way of making you apologize even for things that are not your fault. They just never apologize even if they are on the wrong side.

4. Constant fight

You always argue over minor things. A small thing often turns into a big argument. If you constantly get into fights with your parents, this is a sign that you are now a grown man and it's time to leave.

5. You have a job

If you have a job and you are not happy at home, perhaps it is time to rent your place. The reason why most men are still at home is not that they want to but, it's because of the high unemployment rate in the country.

6. No support

You feel like they don't support you in anything that you do. They just don't believe in you. Instead of giving you support, they are quick to pass judgments and they often feel jealous Of you when you try to change your life.

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